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Cathodic Protection of Water Mains

Water mains in Hong Kong are mostly made of metals, which are subject to the risk of corrosion generically.  In view that the existing water mains have been in use for decades and will still be in service in the future, rehabilitation works are constantly carried out to the aged water mains to improve the water supply network.

Cathodic protection (CP) technology is an effective method to prevent the existing water mains from further corrosion and extend the service life.  This project called for the design, supply and installation of CP system to more than 10km water mains in Kowloon.  Pipe diameters range between 600mm and 1350mm.  To reduce the maintenance works as much as possible, a sacrificial CP system is designed and installed.

The scope of works included the following:

  • Detailed design and preparation of workshop drawings for the cathodic protection system.
  • Supply and installation of cathodic protection system including anodes, reference electrodes, junction boxes, and cables, etc.
  • Testing and commissioning of cathodic protection system.

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