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Heritage Restoration and Change of Use in Myanmar

The Strand Office Complex is a newly restored colonial building in downtown Yangon and is upgraded to be a Grade A office building. Built about 60 years ago as a donation from the then Soviet Union, it was housing trading and administrative offices of various companies.

In 2012, the Jewel Luck Family (JLF) Group secured the development rights from the government of Myanmar to restore and upgrade this 6-storey building. With a lack of structural information on the building, it was an uphill task to re-map the structural layout and to conduct structural investigate to understand the existing condition of the structure. After a long process of structural assessment, there were many key structural members identified for strengthening due to their deteriorated condition and the new capacities required.

The Tyfo® SEH25A Composite System was selected over conventional strengthening methods to strengthen existing reinforced concrete beams and columns to cater to the new loading requirement for the upgrading. This marks the first installation of Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems in Myanmar.

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