Structural Strengthening in Cambodia Museum

Built during the French colonial period, this heritage building was previously used as an administrative office for the National Central Bank of Cambodia. The National Central Bank of Cambodia had earmarked the full masonry structure to be preserved and restored for use as a museum to showcase the monetary development and history of Cambodia. As it was built purely with bricks, a major concern was the condition of the mortar holding the bricks together to form the beams and columns of the colonial building. The stability of the structure is of paramount importance to ensure safety to the general public visiting the museum.

In 2013, Fyfe Asia was contacted by the interior design company tasked to convert the heritage building into a museum. Through subsequent exchange of information and eventual site visit to the building to understand the condition of the structure, the strengthening solution using Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems was proposed and accepted. The strengthening to the heritage building was readily carried out and completed within the same year.

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