Steel Strengthening at Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place is a 21-story office tower and shopping mall on Orchard Road, Singapore, its main shopping belt. The building was completed in 1994 and the outstanding part of it is the roof structure which was built up with steel tubes and I-Beams. Thus, maintenance against corrosion is the main concern in the upkeep of this structure.

Over the years, corrosion has set in on the steel members and a simple yet durable method of protection needed to be sourced which would afford effective long term corrosion protection as well as strengthening the corroded steel sections with least future maintenance. Tyfo® SCH41 with Tyfo® epoxy composite was used in this project as it was deemed to be provide the best solution to the problem.

The entire strengthening and corrosion protection to a total 48 steel I-Beams of the whole roof structure was completed within the two-months schedule without any delays and to the satisfaction of the client.

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