ThaiPost Building Reinforcement

Thanlyin Township is a new township undergoing development with new urban land planning and new road network. It is located on the southern bank of Bago River and linked to the downtown Yangon via the Yangon-Thanlyin Bridge. Located within this township, the Star City is a new residential development under the to cater to the growing middle-class and upper-class housing demand.

The development was carried out in phases with the middle-class residential housing undergoing construction since 2012. As part of the standard quality control procedure to monitor the quality of ready-mixed concrete supplied to the project, the concrete test cubes were prepared and tested. During one periodic test, the 28-day test result for a particular batch of ready-mixed concrete was found to be lower than the specified concrete strength.

To avoid any possible delay to the project, the affected reinforced concrete columns from this batch of concrete must be strengthened within a short period. Due to aesthetic reasons, these reinforced concrete columns will not be allowed to have any significant change to their dimensions and shape. The Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems was introduced and subsequently the Tyfo® SEH51A Composite System was adopted as the ideal strengthening method to the columns.

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