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Structural Enhancements for Pan Pacific Hotel

With 38 floors Pan Pacific Hotel at Marina Square is one of the iconic hotels in Singapore and is ideally situated in the downtown area for business, shopping and tourism. Having existed in Singapore for number of years, hotel underwent renovation in 2012 to reiterate its position as a premier business hotel. The prominent restaurant on 37th floor moved to 3rd floor giving way to a new premier club lounge, while a new water feature was added to 1st floor. Structural consultants for the project proposed use of FRP to strengthen beams in both 1st and 3rd floors to facilitate added features and changes to the existing structure. Fyfe Asia Pte Ltd was contacted by the contractor for project to provide a proposal for enhance beam capacities.

Based on information provided by structural consultants, engineers from Fyfe Asia Pte Ltd identified specific areas where enhancement was necessary. Beams supporting new water feature on 1st floor were required enhancement in their flexural capacities while 3rd floor beams supporting the restaurant needed to be enhanced for flexural and case of 1 beam for shear capacity.

TYFO® Fibrwrap® System was chosen from other FRP Systems as it proved to be both economical and effective. To achieve required enhancements, Tyfo® SCH41 and TYFO® S epoxy were selected as the most suitable products from a wide selection of Tyfo® products available. The productivity achieved during installation to keep up with fast paced working schedule was crucial in handing over project in time. 

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