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Structural Strengthening and Addition in Shanghai

Situated near the futuristic Shanghai South railway station, this compound had previously housed a school and offices at various times in the past. The developer acquired the entire plot to transform the four dilapidated buildings in the compound into a sprawling commercial hub. Each of these buildings was almost twenty years old. The project consists of two phases. Phase one entailed structural strengthening to the single reinforced concrete building within while Phase two requires strengthening works to be done to the masonry buildings at a later date.

Due to the additional floors introduced to the reinforced concrete building coupled with increase in loadings due to change of use at each floor, the entire building had to be strengthened. The Tyfo® SCH 11UPN carbon fabric was selected to strengthen the beams, slabs and columns together with other conventional methods on some structural elements not on the critical path of progress.

The main challenge of this project lay in the actual structural elements being at odds with the "As-built" drawing records. Numerous discrepancies had to be tediously noted on site and discussed with the local consultant on the most effective manner to rectify and strengthen. The consultant's preference tended towards conventional methods due to familiarity but after reviewing the contractor's submission of expected completion period, Fyfe's proposal using Tyfo® were accepted readily due to the substantial cost - time savings compared to conventional methods.

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