Structural Enhancement of Pinnacle at Duxton

The Pinnacle at Duxton is a 2.5 hectare residential complex development along Cantonment Road, Singapore by Housing and Development Board of Singapore. It consists of seven connected towers, each of 50 stories in height and will be the tallest public housing in Singapore upon its completion. Due to concerns on blast threats to these building at the basement carparks , there is a requirement to enhance the columns and some beams at this level of mitigate blast loads.

Fyfe Asia's proposal of using Tyfo® 7UP with Tyfo® S epoxy offers the most competitive and efficient method of providing the blast mitigation required. In total, 228 numbers of columns and 6 precast beams were enhanced using this system.

Another factor working in Fyfe Asia's favor was that it has in-house blast design expertise which it offered in this project. All in all, the project has been done to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

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