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Structural Upgrade to Telecommunication Building

In an upgrading project to its telecommunication facilities, PT. Telecommunikasi Indonesia decided to increase the number of servers resulting in an increase in imposed loads to its Mobisel building which houses all its telecommunication equipments. A major challenge of this project was the existing site constraints due to massive mechanical and electrical services in place.

Fyfe Asia's Indonesian applicator was approached to provide a solution to the problem. The existing structure was analysed and designed for strengthening to cater for the new imposed loads. The design for strengthening took into consideration the site constraints and avoided the strengthening to the top of the slabs and beams. As it is easy to install and with its unique feature of lightweight and high-strength, the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System was proposed for this strengthening to the technical team of PT. Telecommunikasi Indonesia. Both the technical aspects and the cost of the strengthening satisfied the requirement of the client and the proposal was accepted.

The strengthening to the slabs and beams were implemented with minimum disruption to the operation of the building. Part of the carpark at the location of the strengthening was temporarily closed in the night to facilitate the strengthening work. The project was successfully completed with the satisfaction of the client.

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