FRP Research and development

Structural Connections

Tyfo® Fibrwrap® systems can be used to increase the structural performance of reinforced concrete structural connections*. Connections are more complex than other designs and all relevant project parameters must be properly understood before proceeding. We have completed connection strengthening between floor panels and roof panels. We can also enhance wall-to-diaphragm connections and also various beam-column connections. The potential structural uses include the following:

  • Joint shear strengthening*
  • Shear transfer*
  • Force transfer / progressive collapse prevention*
  • Correction of an existing construction and/or design error*

*These applications involve more complex and/or limited designs. Special detailing and project coordination will typically be involved.

Given the basic project parameters (specifically the detailed performance goal and the existing capacity of the structural element), the Fyfe Company engineers will provide a preliminary composite design and cost estimate at no obligation.

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