Services Offered

FYFE Asia Pte Ltd is capable of offering services at various levels of the project timeline, right from its inception to its handover. Our core competence is in the use of our patented TYFO® Fibrwrap® Composite Systems for structural strengthening, seismic retrofit, blast mitigation and corrosion protection of structures.

Our services include composite engineering and design, site visits, drawings, proposals and specifications, quantity estimation, material supply and project execution. However, where warranted, we are also in a position to offer a host of specialist services related to the industry such as, structural testing and assessment, expert inspection/witness services and structural strengthening consultancy.

Our strength lies in providing our clients, consultants, architects, builders, contractors and other end users with appropriate, customized and economical solutions to their structural strengthening requirements. Our comprehensive service packages come with added advantages of single point co-ordination and responsibility.

Our services to engineering or architectural professionals for their structural strengthening requirements range from:

  1. Providing complete composite design proposals using the appropriately selected TYFO® Fibrwrap Composite Systems while conforming to the International FRP design guidelines and codes such as:

    • International Code Council material and design guidelines - ICC AC125.
    • The American Concrete Institute Committee Report - ACI440.
    • The United Kingdom Concrete Society Technical Report - TR55.
    • The International Federation for Structural Concrete - fib bulletin14.
  2. Providing specifications, drawings, detailing and installation support.

  3. Providing quality control and design validation support by way of composite material properties and structural performance testing at accredited test facilities.

Our services to builders and contactors include appropriate design and execution solutions using the TYFO® Systems for remedial structural strengthening requirements associated with:

  1. Low in-situ concrete compressive strength vis-à-vis design strength requirement.

  2. Inadequate or erroneous steel reinforcement placement in reinforced concrete members.

  3. Temporary construction loading with heavy equipment on elements not designed to cater to such loads.

Our comprehensive service package to facility managers and owner varies from:

  1. Site visits, where warranted, to have a first hand visual assessment of the existing situation.

  2. Comprehensive design and execution proposal, with necessary support for structural assessment or structural design and analysis services.